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David Hannings Adobe and Luna Rustica’s contributions

Please check out this great article featuring David Hanning’s historic adobe in San Luis Obispo. David has been one of our oldest and most delightful to work with customers. Luna Rustica pieces are all throughout his home, many shown here in this article. From the beautiful carved bedroom set, custom kitchen cabinets/table, copper sinks, tile murals, Oaxacan pottery, chandeliers… the list goes on! David’s creativity and appreciation for truly authentic, hand hewn furniture and craft make his house stunning, not to mention the perfect showcase for Luna Rustica goods!

Check out the article here:

And see the photos  below!

A Fair Trade Holiday

In our mass production and consumption world, many of us have been trying, and it is no easy task, to make conscious buying decisions. The trend of “fair trade” being a component. At Luna we don’t really advertise or sell on our fair trade practices because…well it’s just always been what we’ve done, long before it even had a name. It’s a core philosophy built into our business plan; seeking out the best artisan crafters, and working directly with them.  If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, and you’d like to know where it came from, or that it’s handmade, or that it’s from recycled materials, come into Luna and we can guide you to a huge variety of things!

Dia De Los Muertos Coming Up!


La Catrina and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) are celebrated parts of Mexico’s culture here at Luna Rustica and with Day of the Dead coming up November 1st and 2nd we wanted to share a great article about La Catrina.

“La Catrina’s vacuously grinning skull fell inevitably into the role of literal and metaphorical poster child for the Day of the Dead, symbolizing the joy of life in the face of its inevitable end. But La Catrina is the beloved grand dame of Mexico’s dance with death 365 days a year, appearing in at least two movies, graduating from drawings to sculpture, and taking on such roles as mermaids, brides and the all-around icon of the recent Bicentennial celebrations.

The Day of the Dead brings into focus one of the greatest differences between Mexican and U.S. cultures: the 180-degree divide between attitudes toward death. Mexicans keep death (and by extension their dead loved ones) close, treating it with familiarity — even hospitality — instead of dread. La Catrina embodies that philosphy, and yet she is much more than that.

A product of the irrevent spirit and rebellious fervor that ignited a revolution, lovingly kept alive and evolving over time, she remains as relevant today as she was a century ago.” -Excerpt from Christine Delsol’s article “La Catrina: Mexico’s grande dame of death”

Read More Here:


Catrina Sale!


20% off all Day of the Dead figures

the month of July!

*Sale ends 8/1/13



Back Home on Broad St.

I believe it was the wise John Lennon who said “Life is what happens to you while  you’re busy making other plans”.  Isn’t that the truth!
As many of our loyal customers know, we’ve moved around downtown a bit over the last 2 years awaiting a permanent downtown home to serve as our second Luna Rustica location. Due to the delays and uncertainties in the redevelopment process and impacts of the Garden and Marsh St. project, we have decided to shelve (at least for now) our plans for LR’s permanent downtown location. As of April 15th we will be consolidating back to the warehouse showroom on Broad street.

Come visit us 7 days a week at our main location, stocked with

furniture as well as all our pottery and decor!


Guanajuato, Jalisco, Mexico

“Narrow, serpentine streets.  Old world baroque buildings.  Steep hills – shoehorned with vivid-colored casas.  I have dropped into a spectacular place – a cross between San Francisco and Paris.” – Travel writer, Christina Nealson

The colonial city of Guanajuato located in the central part of Mexico is a charming, safe and culturally significant Mexican destination.  This magical city feels as though it has been preserved in time, and exudes a distinct European flavor unlike any other city in the country.  Guanajuato was once home to one of the riches silver mines in history where the architecture pays homage to a by-gone era of the wealth that built this unique city. In 1998 Guanajuato was given the prestigious UNESCO award as a distinctive world heritage site.

The best way to navigate the city is on foot.  Guanajuato’s framework is crisscrossed by hundreds of callejones (alleyways) and there are only two major streets; one that is coming in and one that leads out.  Wandering the cobblestone streets, you feel embraced by the history and elegance of your surroundings.  Every alleyway leads to a new jardin (garden) or another piece of exquisite Baroque architecture, and locals and tourists alike are bustling to and fro.  Down in the city centers historic district, Guanajuato’s cosmopolitan nightlife unfolds as the evening light dawns and the energy ignites.  The streets are filled with music, outdoor cafes, street theater or folks dressed in their finest to attend the Theatro Juarez.

Every turn on the cobblestone alley may lead you to your “own” Guanajuato gem whether that be a little shop, café or building that just happens to take your breath away. But check out a few of our recommendations below the photos!

Hotel Recommendations
Posada Santa Fe
Jardin de la Union No. 12 Col. Centro
Guanajuato, Mexico
A wonderful historic hotel in the center of one of the main, lively centers.

Casa Valdez
Jardin de la Union No. 3 Col. Centro
Guanajuato, Mexico
01 473 73 3 0311

Las Mercedes
Calle de Arrba No. 6 / Fraccionamiento San Javier
Guanajuato, Mexico
52 473 7339059

Teatro Juarez
Sopena S/N Zona Centro, 36000
Guanajuato, Mexico
01 473 732 1542

Museo Diego Rivera
Artist Diego Rivera’s birth home restored and converted into a Museum.
Calle Positos 47
Guanajuato, Mexico
01 473 732 1197


Our new downtown location at the corners of Monterey & Morro streets in downtown San Luis Obispo is six months new already.  It has been great to be in the heart of beautiful SLO once again after a 4 year hiatus.  Those of you who have stopped by the downtown store will have noticed the expanded global influences in our furniture and décor.  The integration of these new elements have added a layering and new juxtaposition to our artisans in Mexico.  These new ethnic and sustainable accents reflect a global connectedness.

New Year – New look for Luna

Our Broad St. warehouse/showroom location remodel is ready to ring in the New Year with the addition of the front showroom (formally Enterprise).  Although we have been open during the construction – Luna’s new home is now really taking shape.  On the south side of the building where the new entrance is located, our logo boldly proclaims we are OPEN and ready for business!
Luna’s “signature style” is showcased in the new light and airy front showroom.  The warehouse portion of the building is filled with our traditional furnishings from Mexico and an expanded international flare.
Our new downtown San Luis location on the corner of Monterey & Morro has been a great addition to the Luna family.  This beautiful space has allowed us to display our “signature style” in a new light and bring expand on our artisanal furnishings and décor items.  “Rustic refined with sustainable global influences.”

Luna Rustica Warehouse Remodel

Luna Rustica Warehouse Remodel has begun!!!

We are getting a big face lift and are quite excited

about it. The warehouse Location is still open daily as

long as you don’t mind a little commotion! Check out

the rendering below for what is in store for the future

Luna Rustica.

New Downtown Location!!!

A mix of opportunity and necessity has brought Luna Rustica back to downtown San Luis where it first began 16 years ago. As our Broad Street location goes under a major remodel and beautification we’ve settled in on the corner of Monterey and Morro streets at 895 Monterey.

We are so excited to be here and recapture the interest of longtime customers as well as make some new ones! Check out some pictures below of the new downtown store!

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